V0.1.9 Known Bugs

Major bugs:

- Collider issues:

- Player is able to climb on bush colliders, resulting in glitchy camera behaviour and getting stuck between bushes
- Player is able to clip through planet surface when trying to climb bush colliders, resulting in player floating around planet's center of gravity
- Colliders on vine roots around vine-tunnel activation not functioning

- Save/Load system disabled (needs more work, planned fix for V0.2.0)

Minor bugs:

- Transition between Main Menu and Gameplay makes player drop to the planet at start of the game
- Lights flickering/not working (Unity Low-Weght Render Pipeline limitations, planned fix after switching to Universal Render Pipeline - V0.2.0)
- UI:

- Main Menu UI timers not set, resulting in text enabling/disabling while on screen
- Main Menu Settings UI not updated (planned fix when settings are fully expanded)
- Scewed version of interaction UI displayed from game start, fixed after player gets in object's proximity
- Clickable UI not displayed on third planet's Power Orb

- Vine-tunnel traveling:

- Acceleration bumps and dumps, resulting in uneven travel speed
- Player rotation keeps adding up beyond 360° instead of reverting to 0° each full turn, resulting in player "unscrewing" before landing
- Missplaced end path triggers, resulting in player dropping slightly after landing
- First vine-tunnel deactivates after traveling through it, resulting in the player not being able to return to the first planet

- Vine Activation puzzle:

- If mouse coursor is moved away from last cube as the puzzle is solved, it results in last cube sliding out of it's intended position and clipping into puzzle podium

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